Whether you are out on the range behind a herd of cows or stepping down into a bucking chute at a rodeo, the only thing you can know for sure is that the actions of the horse under you cannot be guaranteed. That unpredictability has created a lot of wild scenes over the years and gives us a lot of mental images to turn into artwork.  Hence, you will often see one of those ranch horses having a "come apart" as the subject of many leather carvings. 

We chose to reproduce those carved scenes into highly detailed prints on these handsome wrist watches.  Each watch has it’s own personality, with a uniquely Western flair.


Old West Bronc Watch

"Old West Bronc"

We started with a Classic look, reminiscent of the days of Remington and Russell, and a definite Pendleton Bronc influence. A richly detailed image of an old-time bronc rider, originally carved in leather, creates the face of this simple, yet stunning, watch. Leather colored image is surrounded by a silver tone frame and set on an alligator-look band.

Ranch Bronc Dance Watch

"The Ranch Bronc Dance"

When the bloodlines of your bridle horse show a little "fire" in their heritage, you can expect it to come out from time to time. A bronc-y ranch horse tests his rider 24-7 on the face of this purely Western watch.  Highly detailed image of a Ranch Bronc is framed by floral carving inside a gold tone frame and mounted on an imitation alligator strap.

Cowgirl Boogie Watch

"The Cowgirl Boogie"

With a nod to those women who will throw a leg across a horse that will test surely them, we reproduced  this explosive image in full color to highlight the action!

It's time to "Cowgirl Up" with this fun Western style watch!  A colorful cowgirl forks a rank bronc all day long inside a gold tone frame. A rich brown alligator-look band holds this purely Western watch.

Cowgirl Boogie Watch Black

"The Cowgirl Boogie in Black"

Because black and white makes it's own statement, we saw it as the perfect way to express the bold look of this watch. A handy cowgirl shows her stuff as she rides a feisty bronc across the face of this eye-catching watch. Set inside a silver tone frame and mounted on a black alligator look band, this watch will complement all of your silver and turquoise jewelry.

All watches have a soft, but durable, leather band and include a one-year warranty. Find them under Jewelry on the website.

Happy Trails!



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