About Us

Nancy and Her Husband Jim
Martiny Saddle Company is located in the high mountain deserts of the Pahsimeroi Valley near May, Idaho. Saddlemaker Nancy Martiny admits it’s a privilege to be able to build custom saddles from her home shop found on the Martiny family ranch, which has been raising beef cattle for more than 121 years.Nancy spends most of her time building custom saddles, but she also spends a lot of time helping her husband Jim with the bucking horses and beef cattle they raise. The Martiny’s cattle spend the summer on the Morgan Creek grazing allotment in some of the steepest mountain terrain found above the Salmon River. This gives Nancy and Jim plenty of opportunities to put Nancy’s saddles to the test- in conditions where quality isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.


Nancy Martiny built her first saddle in 1987 after receiving two Harwood-made trees as a Christmas gift. That spring, Dale Harwood was gracious enough to “coach” her thru building herself a saddle.Armed with a notebook from her time at Dale’s , she built the next saddle on a 12″ Homestead tree for her children to ride. Orders from friends and family followed. Trial and error, with the occasional phone call to Dale, were the lessons of saddlemaking.

A trip to Oklahoma City to attend a leather carving class, taught by Dale Harwood and Don King, as part of the Tradional Cowboy Arts Association annual show in 2002, opened up a new world of learning opportunity. A scholarship from the TCAA to a weeklong saddlemaking class with Dale Harwood became the second chance at higher education.Workshops with Cary Schwarz and Steve Mecham, as well as another trip to Oklahoma City, have continued the education.Nancy continues to study various resourses to improve both her saddlemaking and leather carving skills