Custom Tile

Add a unique Western touch to your living or work space with ceramic tile in the rich shades of hand-carved leather. Each pattern is an original design that is first carved into leather, then carefully reproduced into tile by a sublimation process that produces a beautiful accent tile. Tiles can be set in with solid color tiles to create accents in a backsplash or shower wall. Large murals can be set above a stove for a stunning focal point

Tiles are offered in a variety of patterns,colors, and sizes, as well as two finishes.Satin Hard Coat offers a smooth low-gloss finish that is durable and water-resistant. Glossy offers a more dramatic high gloss finish .

Please see our Details about Tile page for more information on installation, handling, and care of your tile.

Tiles are available in 2” to 12” sizes.

Ceramic Tile-recommended for wall applications

  2”x2” $5.00 ea
  3”x3” $10.00 ea
  4 .25”x4.25” $15.00 ea
  6”x6” $30.00 ea
  8”x8” $64.00 ea
  12”x12” $110.ea (may vary with pattern)
  3” border $2.30 per inch

Glass Tile –recommended for floor applications
12”x12” $135.00 ea.

Due to the unique nature of these tiles, each order is a “custom order”. We are happy to help you in your selection . Please check our FAQ page for details.Tiles can be personalized with your name, logo, initials, or brand. Please email us at for your custom order.