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True Confession - Roping was my first love.  My Dad had a roping arena in our back yard when I was a very small child, and I can still remember being completely taken with the cowboys and their roping skills. NFR qualifier Doyle Gellerman roped at our place as a teenager, and I couldn't imagine a better sport to participate in.

 Roping still calls me, but it shares my heart with carving leather, which I have pursued with more focus over my lifetime.  My desire to share the beauty of carved leather on products both functional and beautiful, and beyond tack and saddles, has led me to create many new and fun items.

After several years of dreaming and planning, I am so happy to introduce our newest creation.  WILD RAGS!

Martiny Custom Wild Rag
With the help of my amazing graphic designer, Hailey Dixon of Design Daily Studio, we have created two scarves, or wild rags, as they are commonly called.  Hailey was able to take all of my parts, pieces, and ideas, and combine them into two uniquely beautiful designs. Each element is a photographic reproduction of my carved leather, which gives the scarves a look that is totally unique.

Martiny Custom Wild Rag

 "The Saddle Maker's Choice" is my personal favorite!  We started with my favorite colors.  Brands have always been a symbol of the West, and a natural fit in red against the black background.  Rope is another staple element, as it frames the intricately-detailed center design of out new "Josie" carving set on a bold red background.  The entire scarf is framed with a hand-carved belt border and turquoise beads for a pop of color. Each corner features a different figure or flower so you can add your own style by tying it up to you liking!

Martiny Custom Wild Rag

"Saddle Leather and Trail Dust"  is our second creation, with an entirely different color pallet.  Starting with a rich caramel-color of our Sunflower Watermark, we set our same "Josie and Buck" carving over a turquoise background and framed it up with a red Aztec border that alternates with a triple Sunflower and Scroll pattern. Our Western brands are repeated in dark brown over a lighter sunflower watermark. The outside border again features the Aztec border with Yellow Sunflowers and turquoise beads for that added element of color.  Each corner features a different design for multiple styling option.

Martiny Custom Wild RagMartiny Custom Wild Rag

I was so proud of this project that I added my personal livestock brand and the Martiny Saddle Co. logo on each border. You may see this scarf used as a table cloth or window shade in my home, as I love the look of the entire design on display!

Martiny Custom Wild RagMartiny Custom Wild Rag

Hope you all love these as much as I do!  Gotta have something new to create all the time!

Happy Trails!


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