Welcome to the Sharp Dressed Clothing Collection!

What IS "Sharp Dressed" ?  It is a little "stall in the barn" at Martiny Saddle Co., and represents a unique selection of clothing designed for the Western-minded.  The inspiration behind the name came from our fondness for the humble cactus, and the infinite design possibilities it offers. 

Sharp Dressed Clothing Collection Logo

The clothing line offers another "canvas" to showcase the beauty of hand-carved leather.  From denim jackets with actual hand-carved leather trim, to graphic tees with heat-transfer designs, our line represents another artistic expression in a form besides a saddle or tack. Shop the collection!

Custom Jean Jacket

All of our designs begin as a piece of hand-carved leather.  With the amazing computer skills of my graphic designer, Hailey Dixon of Design Daily Studio,  we are able to create fun and affordable clothing and accessories with a distinctly Western look.

Sharp Dressed Clothing Line

Our  goal is to produce a product that represents the beauty of carved leather, and offer distinct designs with a casual Western look for adults. We also felt there was a need to offer a selection of choices for boys, girls, toddlers, and infants.  

Sharp Dressed Kids Clothing

We have expanded the line into a variety of personal and home decor items, including everything from pillows to scarves. From time to time, we will retire a design and bring in some fresh new ideas.  We would love for you to follow us on social media to see the latest creations coming in the fall.

Custom Leather Design Pillow

Thanks for indulging us on this creative journey!  Be sure to send us your thoughts and wishes, if you have a certain product in mind that you would love to see decorated with a one-of-a-kind Western design!

Happy Trails!


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