Lil' Red Roan

Once upon a time there was the cutest lil' red roan you ever did see!  His name was Scorpion and he was the horse my heart loved to ride!  He was small but mighty and ALWAYS gave 110%!  Trust, learning, gaining confidence and all the things that come with a truly great partner!  He gives you wings and takes you places you never thought you'd go.  He goes with you when he doesn't want to and gets you out of the tough spots that you got both of you into.  Lil' Red Roan


Now Lil' Red Roan has become an ongoing adventure in creativity an exploring what sets your heart on fire! The line is continually growing and evolving!  We are so excited for the clothing line designed & printed in the USA!!  

Here is a sampling of some of our favorites!  

Lil Red Roan Shirts

Lil Red Roan Sweater

Most of all, love the amazing people that Lil' Red Roan has brought into our lives!  Thank you to Nancy Martiny for carrying our line and ALWAYS believing!  Thank you to Hailey Dixon for sharing her amazing talents and making the wildest ideas a reality.  Thank you to each and every customer who purchases and proudly wears Lil' Red Roan!  We are truly grateful for your love & support!  

Mindy Hoggan

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